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初中英語作文—來自朋友的邀請 An Invitation From My Friend

辽宁35选7几个号中奖 www.lnvmt.com 2019-05-28 11:29:52 來源:啟達教育網

Last week, I got an invitation letter from my friend. She asked me to spend the weekend in her new home. I was really excited to hear about it, because she was my best friend. Though we went to different middle schools, we still kept in touch with each other. In the letter, she told me that her parents decided to move, where was very near my home. I was so looking forward to seeing her in the weekend. It has been six months since our last meeting. I missed the days when we were together and sharing our secrets. We could often meet again. That was the best news for me in the year.