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高中英語作文—偶像崇拜 The Worship of Idols

辽宁35选7几个号中奖 www.lnvmt.com 2019-05-10 16:55:02 來源:啟達教育網

Recently, a Chinese scholar won a bonus of more than 10 million for his extraordinary thesis. The public discussed it hotly and they doubted the reliability of the news. For the young generation, they pay little attention to the knowledge circle, what they care about is the amuse circle. They worship the famous persons who make difference in movie and music. Things is a little different in the western countries. The athletes are very popular. Many teenagers are so crazy about them, and see strong spirit from their idols. The book writers also win part of the market. It is true that the diversity of idols better help people to recognize the world. The scientists should be given more market value and known by the young generation, because they present the wisdom and their value deserved to be followed.