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高中英語作文—無人超市的運行 The Running of Non-Staff Supermarket

辽宁35选7几个号中奖 www.lnvmt.com 2019-05-17 13:45:05 來源:啟達教育網

Alipay is very popular in China and it helps people to pay online everywhere, even for the small business. Online paying promotes the trade deal and it is the future way to pay bills. With the development of none paper money trade, the non-staff supermarket finally runs. It is the special supermarket which opens with none staff and customers can buy what they want and then pay online. People must be wondering what if customers steal stuffs. Then their credit will be lower, which means they are not welcomed in the shop next time. It is so great to involve in the credit, so people need to behave themselves. Credit is in need of in today's situation. The sharing industry is developing so fast that it can go much further with everybody's protection.