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高中英語作文—人會被科技取代么 Will Labor Be Replaced By Technology

辽宁35选7几个号中奖 www.lnvmt.com 2019-05-24 11:20:43 來源:啟達教育網

Recently, as the coming of non-staff supermarket, people were so surprised by the advance of technology. At the same time, some people started to worry about the loss of jobs, because technology probably takes place of labor. In my opinion, some traditional labor job will face the challenge, but people will not be kicked out. The world is developing all the time. Many years ago, when the Industrial Revolution happened, many people thought that human being would be replaced by the machine. When we look back on those years, we find that every progress of technology requires new type of talents, so people need to equip themselves with new skills. If people feel satisfied with current situation and refuse to keep pace with the time, sooner or later, they will be kicked out.